24 FEBRUARY 2024


With Anna Matsouka, Babis Tsertos, Konstantinos Tzemos and Christos Amvrazis
Conductor: Apollon Kouskoumvekakis
Municipal Athenian Choir and Mandolinata Exarcheion-Neapoleos "Dionysios Lavragas" 
The Municipal Athenian Choir and Mandolinata Exarcheion-Neapoleos "Dionysios Lavragas" and the Municipal Athenian Estudiantina celebrate the centennial of the summer of 1923 with a spectacular music and dance performance. It was during that summer when the first tango song was heard in the operetta "The Girl from the Neighborhood" by Nikos Hatzopoulos at Papaioannou Theatre. The popular dance from Argentina, which is believed to have common origins with various contra dances from Asia Minor, captured the hearts of Greeks with its passion and dramatic temperament, inspiring major composers, such as Michalis Sougioul, Kostas Giannidis, Giannis Velas, Kostis Hatzopoulos, Iosif Ritsiardis, and others, to created timeless melodies. On stage, conductor Apollon Kouskoumvekakis leads an orchestral ensemble of 15 talented musicians, while three couples of dancers, as well as renowned singers promise to wrap us all in the intoxicating power of tango. 


24 FEBRUARY 2024


General entrance €5
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