14 OCTOBER 2022
Lyrical Theatre


Conductor: <br><br> Pierre Dumoussaud
Music material editor: <br><br> Byron Fidetzis
(Manuscript source: <br><br>The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Department of Archives, Dimitri Mitropoulos Papers)
Lighting: <br><br> Pericles Mathiellis
Assistant conductor:<br><br> Nikos Laaris
Choirmaster: <br><br>Stavros Beris
Musical preparation: <br><br> Dimitris Yakas
Sœur Béatrice - La Vierge / Sister Béatrice - The Virgin Mary: <br><br> Catherine Hunold
Prince Bellidor: <br><br>Valentin Thill
L'Abbesse / The Abbess: <br><br> Héloïse Mas
Sœur Églantine / Sister Églantine:<br><br> Irini Karaianni
Sœur Clémence - La petite Allette / Sister Clémence - The small Allette: <br><br> Diamanti Kritsotaki
Sœur Félicité / Sister Félicité: <br><br> Chrysanthi Spitadi
Le Prêtre / The Priest : <br><br>Pavlos Pantazopoulos
Sœur Balbine / Sister Balbine: <br><br>Ioanna Vrakatseli*
Sœur Régine / Sister Régine: <br><br> Efi Minakouli*
Une pauvre femme / A poor woman: <br><br> Maria Mavrommati*
Une autre femme / Another woman: <br><br>Sofia Karvouna*
L’estropié / A crippled man: <br><br> Menandros Galanos*
* Members of the City of Athens Chorus
Dimitri Mitropoulos
OPERA IN THREE ACTS Concert version
One of the works that are rarely presented, “Sister Beatrice”, the only opera composed by Dimitri Mitropoulos, is performed in concert form by the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra and Chorus with a glorious cast of singers from Greece and abroad.
It is a religious drama (and according to its composer a “miracle”) in three acts in text by the Belgian symbolist poet Maurice Maeterlinck. The plot takes place in a monastery during the 14th century and focuses on Sister Beatrice's dilemma between her love for prince Belidor and the engagements of the monastic life. Directed by the distinguished conductor Pierre Dumoussaud.


14 OCTOBER 2022




Seats with limited visibility: €5
Zone D (Students, families with more than 3 children,people up to 25 , unemployed, people over 65 ): €10
Zone C: €12
Zone B: €15
Zone A: €20
Distinguished Zone: €25
Presidential Box: €35
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