26 APRIL 2023


Scenario and Direction: Simone Derai
Music and live set: Mauro Martinuz
Μοντάζ: Simone Derai
Photography: Giulio Favotto
Assistant director: Marco Menegoni
Shooting: Giulio Favotto, Simone Derai, Marco Menegoni
Production Coordinator: Annalisa Grisi
Management and promotion: Michele Mele
Executive production: Centrale Fies / Laura Rizzo, Stefania Santoni
Production: Anagoor 2020
Co-production: Kunstfest Weimar*, Theater an der Ruhr**, Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee / Museo Madre***, Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival Veneto.
In collaboration with the Fondazione Campania dei Festival, Napoli Teatro Festival, Villa Parco-Bollasco, and the University of Padova.
*Supported by the Thuringian Ministry of Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation
**Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia
*** Financed by POC Regione Campania 2014-2020.
Supported by the Embassy of Italy in Greece and the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens.
The Anagoor Collective, well-known to the Italian and European public, presents three different performances. Borrowing images and symbols of global culture for its plays, it attempts a trip to our collective memory.
Named after the demon who tempted Faust, Mephistopheles, the Anagoor group presents the material collected between 2012 and 2020 in form of a video: the material is the images of a trip through the world's tears, with an electronic live set by Mauro Martinuz. Mephistopheles (he who hates the light, according to a possible Greek etymology) is a big travel in the dark areas of the universe, where the darkness and trouble of all generations derive from. A central theme of this trip is the relation between human and nature, love, time, technique, and the absolute, the impossible. The huge number of unpublished images is composed in this flight and fall, in the form of an original acoustic and visual experience.


26 APRIL 2023


General entrance €5
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