17 FEBRUARY 2024
Lyrical Theatre


Conductor/New orchestration: Byron Fidetzis
Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula
Chorus master: Stavros Beris
Répétiteur: Apostolos Palios
Medgé: Lucie Peyramaure
Nair: Konstantinos Klironomos
Selim: Dimitris Platanias
Vazanta: Ηéloïse Mas
Kadur/The Great Brahmin: Christophoros Stamboglis
Amgiad: Florent Leroux-Roche
Image: ©Dmitry Rukhlenko
Athens Philharmonia Orchestra & City of Athens Chorus

Spyros Samaras

Opera in three acts 
Concert version 

Olympia is proud to resume the journey into the musical world of Spyros Samaras, the masterful Greek composer of Verism. After last year’s triumph of “Lionella”, conductor Byron Fidetzis assumes the challenge to present a new orchestration of the opera “Medgé”, since the original one is considered to be lost. The opera is sung in French, based on the original libretto by Pierre Elzéar , and it is an admirable achievement for the 22-year-old Samaras. The vigour and rich melodic invention of the score are to be performed by an exceptional cast of both Greek and French singers.


17 FEBRUARY 2024




Seats with limited visibility €5
Zone D (Students, families with more than 3 children, people up to 25, unemployed, people over 65) €10
Zone C €15
Zone B €20
Zone A €25
Distinguished Zone €40
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