22 FEBRUARY 2023


Project and choreography: <br><br>Ambra Senatore in collaboration with Caterina Basso and Claudia Catarzi
Dancers: <br><br> Caterina Basso, Claudia Catarzi, Ambra Senatore
Sound design: <br><br>Gregorio Caporale Ambra Senatore
Music: <br><br> Brian Bellott, Gregorio Caporale, Jimi Hendrix, The Temptations
Lights: <br><br>Fausto Bonvini
Production representative: <br><br>CCNN
Production: <br><br>ALDES, Torinodanza, CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Château Rouge–Annemasse, Scènes Vosges με την υποστήριξη της Action Culturelle du Pays de Briey, CND Paris / supported by the Ministry of Culture / the Directorate general for the performing arts Tuscany regional system for the arts
Special thanks to Doriana Crema, Andrea Roncaglione, Antonio Tagliarin
Supported by the Embassy of Italy in Greece and the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens.
Ambra Senatore, director of the Centre choréographique national de Nantes, presents “A Posto”, eleven years after it was created. Three women enter and leave the stage, their eyes explore the site looking for something or someone. Everything seems to escape from them: their gestures, the objects that glimpse, roll or sink. This charming and full of freshness picture constantly moves between fiction and reality to show us a light, liquid ballet which seems to lack order, and that silently glimpses, with small touches, to a more anti-conformist and dramatic scenario. In between reality and fiction, Ambra Senatore builds a choreography that can be viewed as a puzzle. Like a police romance, “A Posto” is built in the same way as a film of which the queer, mysterious scenes constantly change.


22 FEBRUARY 2023


General entrance €5
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