OPANDA (Organization for Culture, Sports & the Youth of the City of Athens)

The Organization for Culture, Sports & the Youth of the City of Athens (OPANDA) serves what its title says: It promotes the unbreakable relation of culture and sports in Athens. With its actions, it brings arts, letters, and sports closer to citizens of Athens, and therefore it contributes to entertainment and to the shaping of a contemporary, collective consciousness and to promoting the cultural identity of the city.

OPANDA is not just a structure of the City of Athens. OPANDA is an active cell of culture, sports, and creative learning, which reflects the vibe and needs of contemporary life in the city.

It brings life into every neighbourhood in the city, it fills everyone’s everyday life with the fresh air of culture and sports. Including both residents and visitors, children and adults, with no distinctions of sex, nationality, social class, or age.

With musical and theatrical performances, with visual arts actions and exhibitions, with festivals and high-quality services in specifically designed spaces of athletic activities, OPANDA aims to give the special extra flavour of life, well-being, to the citizens of Athens.



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